Kari Lake files appeal in election lawsuit against Katie Hobbs

Kari Lake, the Republican Party candidate for 2022's gubernatorial election in Arizona, has filed an appeal in an election lawsuit.

Lake, who was defeated by Democrat Katie Hobbs in the race to succeed Doug Ducey as Arizona's next governor, filed the appeal days after a judge ruled against her in what was left of her election lawsuit.

On Dec. 20, a judge dismissed eight of the 10 counts listed in Lake's lawsuit, but allowed two of the counts, which relates to ballot printer malfunctions and ballot chain of custody, to proceed to what was ultimately a two-day trial.

In her election lawsuit, Lake had asked the judge to either declare her the winner, or order a revote in Maricopa County. Lake faced extremely long odds in her challenge, needing to prove not only that misconduct occurred, but also that it was intended to deny her victory and did in fact result in the wrong woman being declared the winner.

Ultimately, judge Peter Thompson, who was appointed during Former Governor Jan Brewer's tenure, found that the court did not find clear and convincing evidence of the widespread misconduct that Lake had alleged had affected the result of the 2022 general election. Judge Thompson, in the ruling, also confirmed Hobbs' election as Governor.

In the days since Judge Thompson ruled against Lake, he also ordered Lake to pay over $33,000 to Hobbs in court fees.

Court documents on the appeal list Bryan James Blehm and Kurt Olsen as Lake's attorneys.

Kari Lake