Kids College: Estrella Mountain Community College offering special summer classes for kids

Here's a new option for parents looking to keep their kids busy this summer: why not 'send them to college'?

Estrella Mountain Community College is offering some pretty unique summer classes. Kids between the ages of 8 and 16 can take these classes through the 'Kids College' program.

"We try to do a little something new every year to keep up with the times, so this year, we have some coding classes," said Landis Elliott, Manager of Workforce Development with the Estrella Mountain Community College.

The community college is also offering classes involving unique technology.

"We have five 3D printers, we have three laser cutter, we have quite a bit of sewing machinery and on the other side. We also have a painting booth," said Timothy Wilson, Program Manager with the Estrella Mountain Community College.

There are also classes that involve reptiles.

"The class at Kids College is called Nature in Your Backyard," said Jarod Raithel, a biology professor with the Estrella Mountain Community College.

The class introduces its students to animals and even gardening, and it is extremely interactive.

"We house 15 different species of both local native as well as common pet trading species, so they get up close and personal interactions," said Raithel.

"We've been here for about 20 years, serving kids with different programming in the summer time," said Elliott.

Kids College at Estrella Mountain Community College

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