Krispy Kreme celebrating Artemis launch with limited-edition moon doughnut

America is headed to outer space again. 

On Monday, NASA’s Artemis rocket is scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center — and one of America’s iconic doughnut chains has a special treat to celebrate. 

Krispy Kreme announced a special edition doughnut in honor of the scientific feat, the Artemis Moon Doughnut. 

It’s a cheesecake cream-flavored filled doughnut dipped in cookies ‘n’ cream icing with a swirl of cookie pieces. Its top looks similar to the moon’s surface, which is where Artemis is headed.


Krispy Kreme promotional image

The doughnut is only available on Monday, August 29, in honor of the rocket launch

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Liftoff is scheduled to be no earlier than 8:33 a.m., weather depending. Tune into LiveNOW from FOX for full coverage

Artemis I is a test flight for NASA’s giant new Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft. The unmanned capsule will spend several weeks in space, swinging around the moon before returning to Earth – trying out a variety of things the space program hasn’t accomplished since the Apollo days.

This story was reported from Detroit. FOX Television Station’s Chris Boex contributed.