Colorado tornado: Twister touches down north of Denver

A large tornado touched down in Weld County, Colorado Monday afternoon. 

The tornado was traveling near Platteville, northeast of Denver, and emergency services advised residents to take shelter. A tornado warning which was issued for Platteville has expired, according to the National Weather Service. 

The NWS confirmed that the tornado touched down just north of Firestone. A video posted to Twitter by Ryan Morris showed the funnel cloud from a driving range in Thornton. 

Colorado tornado1

Tornado touches down northeast of Denver, Colorado.

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There had been no reports on injuries and the Fujita scale had yet to be determined to categorize the tornado, but the NWS reported that power poles and power lines were down near Highway 66 and County Road 21. 

Weld County Office of Emergency Management is working with local law enforcement to gather information on damages.

National Weather Service employees in North Longmont and Frederick captured photos of the funnel cloud as it tore across the landscape. 

Storyful contributed to this report.