Little Pink Houses of Hope helps mothers with breast cancer, get to celebrate their special day

On Mother's Day at a Paradise Valley home, several families gathered to celebrate their mothers.

Each one lucky to be alive after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The non-profit Little Pink Houses of Hope is doing everything they can to make sure this is a Mother's Day they'll never forget.

And like many houses on Mother's Day, this one is decked out with flowers, candles and a delicious meal.

For many of the people here, Mother's Day serves as a reminder that life doesn't always go according to plan.

"One day, she came home from the doctors and said, 'I have cancer.' And the first thing that popped into my head is, 'Is she going to die?' And I can't live without my mom," said Logan Larsen.

Nine-year-old Larsen is just one of many kids who have been thrown a huge curveball in life after his mother, Amber, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"My mom's the most important thing in my life and she really matters to me and inside my heart she's one of the best people in the world. I love my mom to the moon and back. She's amazing. I wish I never heard the word cancer," said Larsen.

That's where Little Pink Houses of Hope comes in. The non-profit organization gifts families a week-long vacation in cities across the country, even right here in the valley.

Like Logan, Rocco and Jay-Cee also got to have a relaxing get away with their family after their mother, Candace, was diagnosed.

"It was really fun. We got to stay in a big huge house and our caregivers spoiled us," said Rocco.

Rest and relaxation are two things hard to come by when dealing with cancer. That's why survivors gifted a house, and Little Pink Houses of Hope say they're forever grateful.

"Lake Tahoe was magical for us. I was still in treatment and had just had my masectomy. And so going there and leaving behind doctor's appointments and chemo, it was so wonderful," said Candace.

Now, on the road to recovery, the families who received such a wonderful gift pass on the love to others.

"It's so amazing to just be able to do it with my kids, to help out, and give back to people what I had when I was in Lake Tahoe. It gives them memories," said Amber.