Local organization works hard to put laid off employees back to work

A local organization is helping those who have found themselves out of work because of the pandemic.

St. Joseph the Worker is helping people get back into the workforce, one example is Brock Nelson, he's a HVAC technician.

"I'm super grateful for St. Joseph, because without them, I wouldn't be able to work," Nelson said. "I have been looking for jobs, but because of COVID-19 they were on a hiring freeze, it was harder to get in."

They even set him up with all the tools he needed to start working for Clear Air HVAC and Heating as a technician.

 "All the tools the combined would have been around a thousand, and no, I wouldn't have been able to start without them," Nelson said.

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"What we do is connect people with jobs, we don't connect people with training or different programs, if you're ready to go to work that's what St. Joseph the Worker is here for," said Katie Thorson with St. Joseph the Worker.

They are working hard during this difficult time, to find people the work they need, she said.

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"All the essential businesses,  they have operations, they have a supply chain, they need food, they need all these delivery systems, so there is a lot that goes into an essential business, so we're pointing them there and for most of those, you need no experience," Thorson said.

For more information on the organization, visit https://www.sjwjobs.org/