Longtime Phoenix sports bar closing to make way for high-rise apartments

It's last call for a longtime sports bar in Phoenix.

Half Moon Windy City Sports Grill on Highland Avenue near 20th Street, will be shutting down on February 12, the day after the Super Bowl.

"Landlord's made the decision that opening high-rise apartments is more profitable and a better business model for them, so they’ve decided to go that direction," said co-owner Clay Moizo.

The popular spot is closing its doors after 18 years in business.

"We're going to miss it being here as well. We still have our other location up on Greenway, and other restaurants in the Valley. But this one was kind of special and close to my heart, with the Chicago theme, being from Chicago, and all the great memories we created here," Moizo said.

Moizo says the bar says its regulars are disappointed.

"Most have said they're definitely going to try and make it by in the next two weeks and that's really our focus right now, is to celebrate the 18 years that we had here," he said.

The bar has been a big hit with sports fans over the years.

"We've had a lot of great Chicago sports people roll through here, along with some alumni from Florida State and Alabama, we've supported their college sports teams. Tony La Russa comes in quite a bit. He used to be the manager of the White Sox and plenty others," Moizo said.

He went onto say, "I'd say my fondest memory here was the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series run. We actually roasted a goat in front of the bar before Game 1 to exorcise the Billy Goat Curse, and seeing all seven games here and getting to enjoy that with my son."

The bar is planning a big party the night of February 10.

It's scaled back its menu and lowered the prices, during its final days in business.

About 30 employees will be affected by the closure.

"Our biggest focus is to find new homes for all of our staff members at our other restaurants and other places if they so choose," Moizo said.