Maricopa County Attorney talks about justice for Lori Vallow's victims: 'Hold people accountable'

How soon could we see a trial for Lori Vallow in Arizona?  

Last Friday, the so-called doomsday mom was convicted of murdering her two kids and conspiring to murder the wife of her lover and current husband Chad Daybell.

As she waits for her sentencing in Idaho, the Maricopa County Attorney answered questions about the murder charges Vallow faces in Arizona.

"It’s a pending case, and I’m going to treat it with the respect it deserves and not comment on the evidence," Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell said.

In a few months, Lori Vallow is expected to be sentenced in Idaho. Then the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will prosecute her for two cases.

Those cases are the murder of her fourth husband Charles Vallow and the attempted murder of her niece’s ex-husband Brandon Boudreaux.

Mitchell says it could take at least a couple of months for Lori to be extradited to Arizona.

Initially, both Chandler and Gilbert police recommended the same charges for Lori’s husband Chad Daybell, but MCAO said there was "no reasonable likelihood of conviction."

There was so much evidence that came out in the trial. Why not prosecute him or take another look?

"We’re always open to taking a look as more information becomes available to us, and typically in the lifetime of a case as it goes to trial stuff does come up," Mitchell said.

As far as others being charged, Mitchell says MCAO is always looking for more evidence and could not comment further.

In July 2019, Lori’s late brother Alex Cox shot and killed Charles, claiming self-defense. Chandler detectives believe a million-dollar life insurance policy was Lori’s motive.

In October 2019, Gilbert Police say Alex misfired at Brandon’s Tesla.

Investigators say Lori identified him as a dark soul.

In two grand jury indictments, prosecutors believe Lori and Alex conspired in both crimes.

So, why is prosecuting her important to Mitchell and her office?

"Well, kind of for what you just asked me, having the victims recognized as victims, to give people a voice, to hold people accountable for what they’ve done," she said.

Lori faces life in prison without parole in Idaho for the murders of her kids 16-year-old Tylee and 7-year-old JJ along with conspiring to kill Tammy Daybell.

It’s unknown if both Arizona cases will be tried together or separately. Mitchell says that will be up to the court.