Lost ring returned to Marine

A United States Marine has had his ring returned, after being lost for 10 days.

The 65-year-old disabled veteran named Jerry, is proud to be a patriot, as he travels in a decked out vehicle. But he recently lost a very precious and patriotic ring.

"Did you ever think you were going to see it again? No I didn't. In fact I was looking trying to find somewhere where they still sell them and they don't."

It's a 40 year old ring with special meaning, "It's a Marine Corps ring. Means a lot. I spent nine years in the Marines and enjoyed every minute of it."

Uriel Gonzalez found the ring 10 days ago in front of his Wedding Decor store, as a sheriff's campaign rally was held in the parking lot.

"Noticed it was shiny so I decided to pick it up and see what it was and it was a military ring."

Uriel asked his friends Joe Lopez and Jizeel Zamora to help find the owner. When Facebook posts didn't work, they called the Latin American Motorcycle Association who took part in the rally. And that's when they were able to get in touch with Jerry.

Jizeel says, "He started crying, you could hear his emotions through the phone and said this is your ring I have it, he goes no, no, oh my God I got emotional. He was happy to have it back."

Joe who's also a Marine, returned the ring to Jerry. In return, Jerry gave Joe a special military ring of his own.

"You can have that one," Jerry says as he gifted Joe with the ring. "Oh wow, thank you!" he replied.

Joe says, "It's very touching because it's found its rightful owner. Being a Marine we have these trinkets, memorabilia that's very significant at a time era wherever we were at in the Marine Corps." Jerry says, "It was real nice to get back."