Lou Malnati's brings Chicago pizza to the valley

Chicago is known for its famous skyline along Lake Michigan and for its deep dish pizza. People from Chicago know Lou Malnati's and the pizza chain is opening its first location outside of Illinois right here in the valley.

They're taking every step to make sure the pizza here tastes just like pizza back in Chicago, even down to the water they use in their pizza dough.

From the fresh ground sausage to the Wisconsin cheese, Lou Malnati's Phoenix pizza tastes just like their Chicago pies. Even the crust is the same thanks to the water from a special faucet.

What they call the magical spigot, makes Phoenix water taste just like Lake Michigan, it filters water through reverse osmosis using the same system as Starbucks.

"We really didn't notice it until we shipped the water back from Phoenix and the dough didn't taste that great, and the dough is the foundation of our pizza," said Sasha Mylosavljevich.

Malnati's long-time staff had conducted a year of double-blind taste tests before they hit the mark.

"No one, not even the finest and most loyal customer would not be able to tell the difference between a pizza made here in Phoenix and back home in Chicago," said Mark Agnew.

Lou Malnati's opens on Monday at 4 p.m. it is located in the Uptown Plaza shopping center off Central and Camelback.