MADE IN ARIZONA: Making ice and snow in the desert

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- It's something that's necessary in the Valley during the summer months, and the ice cubes people drop into your glass or ice chests comes from a Valley-based company.

Ice Now isn't just in the business of ice. They also help bring snow to the southwest. The company moved its home base from Mesa to Phoenix three years ago, as it needed more space.

"There was a lot of facilities available, the power the infrastructure, and we're close to the freeways here, so this was actually a good spot for us," said company owner and president Nolan de Graaff.

From Arizona to Nevada, chances are the cubes for those drink of the rocks came from Ice Now. De Graaff said the job is a lot of fun.

When they're not making ice, it's snow, as they work extreme sports and sledding events all over the Southwest.

"When we're done with it, it's a powder that we're able to spray through our snow machine and through the hose," said de Graaff.

With a staff of just over 30 people, they've got a big job to do, and business doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

"It all comes down to service and promising our customers and following through with that," said de Graaff.