Made In Arizona: Tempe company makes, exports vitamin sprays around the world

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- VitaMist is a spray vitamin that's used around the world, and it's made by a company in Tempe called Mayor Labs.

"Virtually everything that you can buy in a pill, you can buy from us in a spray form," said Rich Heineck, CEO of Mayor Labs.

Mayor Labs patented the product in Tempe, in 1983. Heineck said capsules don't work for everyone.

"Really, all you're getting is that vitamin suspended into a solution, so when you have the pills, you're getting the fillers and binders and all the other extraneous ingredients that are no benefit to you, and they prevent absorption in your system."

Heineck wanted to help people save money, and see better results.

VitaMist isn't hard to find, and you've probably seen it sitting on the counter by the register at your local drugstore.

"I'd like to educate the world on this delivery system," said Heineck.

Heineck is proud of the company's Arizona roots, now shipping around the world. Their next move is to make a CBD spray.

"We recognized it was a perfect delivery system for cannobidiol, or CBD," said Heineck.

Using VitaMist technology, making dosing less of a guessing game for consumers.

"We are able to provide a very precise amount of CBD per spray, so the consumer knows exactly how much they are getting," said Heineck.

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