MADE IN ARIZONA: Valley golf equipment maker goes from a garage to the big leagues

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Now that cooler weather has come to the Valley, golfers can hit the links without melting, and one golf equipment manufacturer that is based in the Valley is getting pretty busy.

"We have a golf mecca here with more than 300 golf courses, and some of the top golf destinations in the world," said Dawn Grove. She is the Corporate Counsel for Ping & Karsten Manufacturing, the parent company of Ping.

It's true that when it comes to golf, Arizona is way above par. So when Karsten Solheim built his golf equipment manufacturing business in 1967, it was a hole in one. Ping has been housed in Phoenix ever since.

"It is a tremendous privilege, and my family is super grateful. My grandparents moved to Arizona all those years ago," said Grove, who is the granddaughter of the creator of Ping. The business started in a garage, molding golf clubs over a kitchen stove.

"We have grown into the neighborhood, and now, we're making products in over 25 different buildings and 52 acres," said Grove.

Everything is custom made, and employees even get to try out the clubs they make on the company greens.

Pro-players and amateurs alike are always sporting Ping wear on the links, so tour players are always stopping by to get their specs.

"We make the full set of clubs," said Grove. "Also accessories like bags. Gotta have something to carry those clubs in, and we even have an embroidery team to customize the bag for you."

Ping gear ships to more than 100 other countries, and it's something the team of more than 800 employees can be proud of.

"We really consider employees like family," said Grove. "I mean, you look around. These are great people."

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