Maltese and her litter of puppies abandoned in plastic drawer while shelter was closed

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A Maltese and her five puppies were found just before Wednesday's heat became dangerous, if not deadly, for animals this young and vulnerable.

"One of our emergency animal medical technicians arrived Wednesday morning at 6:30 A.M. to discover a Maltese mom were left in front of the building in a little plastic drawer overnight," said Britta Nelson, spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society.

The Maltese and her four-week-old puppies will remain in foster care until they are adopted.

Nelson says no one knows how long the dogs were out in the elements, and while bringing the dogs to a shelter is the right thing to do, leaving them unattended is not acceptable.

"These pets cannot survive these conditions, " said Nelson.

She says there are always options, especially at the Humane Society.

"We have customer experience agents answering the phone providing people with resources," said Nelson. "So if you find yourself...with an unexpected litter and you just can't care for them anymore, you can call the pet resource center and they can provide a lot of different options for you."

Calling for advice or to make an appointment will almost always lead to the best solution, according to Nelson, who says AHS is at full capacity of dogs and cats.

She also suggests reaching out to friends and acquaintances, even if it is just a temporary solution.

There is usually a fee associated with surrendering animals - one reason they are dumped.

The pet resource center can be reached at (602) 997-7585 ext. 3800. It is open seven days a week.