Man badly hurt after bee attack at Phoenix motel lobby

Three people have been stung by a swarm of bees at a Phoenix motel on April 7.

Fire officials say the attack happened in the lobby of the Quality Inn near 48th Street and Thomas Road. Crews were called to the scene at around 3:30 p.m.

Crews say a 37-year-old man was badly hurt after getting stung several times. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital in critical condition. Meanwhile, two other people were also stung, but they are expected to be OK.

FOX 10 spoke with one of the two other victims in the bee attack.

"All we heard was buzz, and we were like, 'what is that?'" said the victim, identified only as "Eric."

Eric said he and the other two victims were sitting by the parking lot of the motel when the bee attack happened.

"All the bees came, so I said lets split up," said Eric. "We spilt up and I ran, and I went this way in the middle of the street, and the cars were like 'honk honk,' and I was like ‘ehh man,' and the bees were like [makes buzzing sound]."

Eric was stung on his arms, face and head. His friend, however, was covered in bees.

"They swarmed on him, covered him," said Eric. "Covered his whole face and neck, and the back of his neck, his head. It was like they just flew on him and stuck on him, and I took my beanie off and try to hit it, took my shirt off, try to hit it."

A beekeeper was reportedly headed to the scene to take care of the hive. It is not known why the bees were provoked.

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