Man creates foundation in honor of late son, donates uniforms to youth soccer team

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A local non-profit is helping out a South Phoenix soccer team, but the reason behind the grand act of kindness might surprise you.

When you look around a South Phoenix soccer field, you'll see dozens of parents watching their children. But for one man, James Thimgan, it's his son he believes is watching him - from above.

"This is very emotional for me, as you can tell," Thimgan said.

After losing his son, Jeffrey, two years ago, Thimgan decided he wanted to carry on the great work Jeffrey was doing, and the Kineks Foundation was born.

According to the Kineks Foundation website, Jeffrey passed way at the age of 21. He leaves behind a legacy of leadership, perseverance, and giving. The KINEKS Foundation aims to connect our global community through life-changing programs, projects and sponsorships.

"We felt it was very important for us to reach out and try to find those groups of people," Thimgan said. "Those individuals that the rest of society lets slip through the cracks."

Focused largely on the youth, the non-profit provides travels near and far to provide resources, food, water, and funds to lift up those who have sometimes been forgotten about.

Today, it's a youth soccer team - brand new uniforms for each and every boy and girl.

"I love it," said soccer player Jayleen.

"This is her first time wearing it and she's happy about it, seeing her name on it. Seeing the number that she 'chose." said soccer mom Tahiri.

James says it fills his heart seeing those ear-to-ear smiles.

"We don't want them to be sad because they don't have a uniform that doesn't look like the rest of them and they're the one person out," Thimgan said.

Knowing all the while that his son is still with him in spirit, cheering him on while he spreads kindness - that's what it's all about.

"[I] make them know this is a safe, happy fun place that they can come and be with their friends and do what they love," he said.