Man rescued from tree on the bottom of the Salt River

Phoenix Fire officials say a man was rescued from the bottom of the Salt River Monday, after a massive monsoon storm battered the Phoenix area.

According to Cpt. Larry Subervi, the man had to be rescued near the Salt River and Central Avenue. The man was not hurt, and was not taken to the hospital.

SkyFOX was over the scene as the rescue unfolded.

FOX 10's Danielle Miller managed to catch up with the man who was rescued. The man, who identified himself as "Jeff", said he noticed water was starting to come in, so he packed his things. Just seconds later, however, he was swept away in about 12 feet of water.

"Packing my stuff, and just trickles of water coming to my ankle and I'm like, 'It's not bad,'" said Jeff. "Out of nowhere man, it just rose."

Jeff then grabbed onto a branch, and luckily, he had a phone to call for help.