Man shot and killed in the West Valley; child found with gun on school bus | Nightly Roundup

From a deadly shooting investigation in a West Valley city to a weapons incident involving an elementary school student in Phoenix, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

1. Man shot and killed in the West Valley


Phoenix man shot, killed in Peoria; suspect sought

Police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened early Tuesday morning in a Peoria neighborhood.

2. Major earthquake rocks Asian country


Taiwan struck by 7.4 earthquake, damaging buildings and causing tsunami

Taiwan was rocked by a powerful earthquake, causing damage to buildings in a southern city and generating a tsunami that reached Japanese islands.

3. Child found with gun on school bus


Phoenix child found with gun on school bus, officials say

Officials with an elementary school in Phoenix say their staff members had to deal with a weapons-related incident that unfolded on a school bus Monday morning.

4. Why a Downtown Phoenix eatery had to change its name


From Lovesack to Lovebite: Why a new Phoenix business had to change its name

'We did everything correctly, and then on the last day that they could object, they did,' the dumpling restaurant's owner said.

5. What to know about Bird Flu


Bird Flu: What to know as Texas person contracts virus

As news spread that a person in Texas has been diagnosed with bird flu, people are now talking about a specific type of flu virus that doesn't often infect humans.

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