Man shot in serial shooting incident 10 years ago has passed away

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The Serial Shooter case was one of the most prolific serial killer cases in Arizona history. According to prosecutors, Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman killed at least eight people, and wounded 19 others in a year-long killing spree that ended in 2006.

One of the men wounded by the duo was Paul Patrick. Patrick's family said the man, who was shot in the stomach, never fully recovered from the wounds, and passed away on November 13 at the age of 58.

It been more than 10 years since those senseless shootings, and Patrick's daughter is now asking for the public's help to give her father a proper send-off.

For Patrick's daughter, Chrystal Cleary, it has been a rough week, but the pain of saying goodbye to her father is just a portion of what Patrick endured, for the past decade.

"Three strokes and several seizures," said Cleary. "He had 80 pellets in his body that they were not able to retrieve."

Since the shooting, Patrick has had to deal with trauma and complications of that one shotgun bullet. Cleary said her father was always positive despite what happened. Last Thursday, Patrick had another seizure, which landed him in a coma.

On Tuesday, Patrick said goodbye.

"He knows where he's going," said Cleary. "He knows there's someone above that helped him."

Patrick was a veteran, and Cleary said while her father never wanted to be preceived as the victim, she would like to celebrate his life, and give him a decent sendoff.

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