Many Arizonans set to lose internet discounts as Affordable Connectivity Program expires

Internet costs may soon become more expensive for thousands of Arizonans. 

The Affordable Connectivity Program is set to run out this month.


As Affordable Connectivity Program dries up, internet will get pricier for millions

April is the last fully funded month of the Affordable Connectivity Program that provides discounts on internet access for millions of Americans.

The program was created by an infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Congress in 2021. 

It set aside millions of dollars to allow a $30 per month discount on internet for low-income families.

April was the last month the ACP was fully funded.

If Congress does not provide more funding, about 522,000 Arizonan households will lose internet access.

"The internet is no longer something nice to have, it's a need to have. Whether you are looking for jobs or looking for additional training, all of that is done online," Geoffery Starks, FCC Commissioner says.

There is pending legislation to refund the program in the House and Senate right now. 

There is no word on if they will be voted on soon.