Many struggling with 're-entry anxiety' as world begins to open again

With Arizona reopening along with the rest of the world after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people will have to get used to another new normal.

Some psychologists say they are seeing something being called re-entry anxiety.

Events and sports like baseball are all starting back up again and while some are anxious to get back out there and live life like before the pandemic, others are struggling with this.

"Anything outside of that feels different and creates anxiety," says Nathan Lamberth, an integrated clinical psychologist.

We all adapted to a new normal of staying home, he says, but now we need to shift our lives again which can create some fear and stress.

"It is outside of our comfort zone. We have gotten real comfortable with not going to the office, with not seeing friends," Lamberth says.

Because the pandemic life has lasted for a long time, another change feels stressful too, but Lamberth says if you are feeling anxious, it is important to not get carried away by your fear.

"The more you give in to the temptation to not do things, the more you confirm in our subconscious that it is true," Lamberth says.

Some ways to work on this, he says, to get outside by starting soon and start small.

"Start small. Don’t go to the most crowded grocery store we can find or I am going to go to the baseball game," he says.

Instead, "Start something small that pushes our comfort zone but something that isn’t too dramatic."

He also added that with so much change, these feelings are normal and to pair up with people who have a similar comfort level and try new things.