Marine surprises nephew at Hatboro elementary school

It was a special homecoming in Montogomery County for a Marine who just got back from deployment. He surprised his 8-year-old nephew at Blair Elementary in Hatboro.

"I can't explain it 'cause I'm so happy," 8-year-old Dante said.

Marine Corporal Patrick Dolan Jr. just got home after a seven-month deployment in Africa. Difficult for anyone but for Dante the wait has been excruciating.

His mom, Shannon Christy, decided a proper reunion was in order. A reward for all the sacrificed hugs and missed telephone calls.

"He just needed the hug that he probably did about five times," Shannon explained.

"I thought I'd be a bit more prepared. I wasn't ready for that overwhelming opening the door," Marine Corporal Dolan said.

After reading to the class it was off to spend what little time they could together before it's back to base.