Massive tree falls onto Tempe apartments during monsoon storm

TEMPE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It certainly wasn't a quiet or calm start to the week in Tempe.

Last night, another round of monsoon storms hit an apartment complex off of U.S. 60 and Mill Avenue, tearing down a tree and residents say all they heard was a huge "boom."

"It was a loud thump, I mean you're not expecting that sound at that time of day. you're expecting it to be something else like a car wreck out on the street or something," Jordan Jackson said.

In this quiet complex, a storm like what Tempe saw last night took its toll on the Solara Apartments.

"It was very loud!" one tenant said. "It woke up the family, I can say that."

A massive tree fell over the rooftop and nearly crashed through both floors. Like Jordan, most of the tenants were concerned for the man they say lives inside the unit where the tree fell over.

"They say he had to go through his window, being that's how it looks like right now, you know, with it being caved in," one tenant said.

It's a miracle no one was hurt, but like after most storms, the cleanup comes shortly after, and by the looks of this trunk, damage repair may be a while.