McSally discusses sexual assault in the military at Luke Air Force Base

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Just weeks after revealing she was sexually assaulted decades ago while serving in the Air Force, Sen. Martha McSally spent the afternoon at Luke Air Force Base to discuss her plans to prevent it from happening to others in the military.

"That was not an easy decision, but I believe it was the right thing to do at the right time, so that I could help lead on this issue," said Sen. McSally.

Things have moved quickly since the revelation. On Monday, McSally sent a letter to the Acting Secretary of Defense, asking to form a taskforce she could help lead. The goal is to help improve how the U.S. Air Force handles sexual assault cases. Three days later, Sen. McSally said she's finding out what challenges airmen are facing.

Sen. McSally led by asking questions and meeting junior airmen at Luke, taking suggestions on how improvements can be made. The senator also spoke on the reporting and investigative process that she says need a fresh look, while also saying that culture and trust starts with commanders.

"We need to make sure that there's that trust there, so that if somebody is a victim, that they understand who they can go to, and they understand what the process is gonna be, that the investigation is done swiftly and thoroughly," said Sen. McSally.

Sen. McSally said a timeline on the taskforce is not yet concrete, but on her Twitter timeline, she remembered late Sen. John McCain, just hours after disparaging remarks made by President Trump. Trump has continued to keep the feud with the late senator alive.

"I love John McCain. John McCain is an American hero. This state reveres John McCain, and his family deserves respect by everybody, and so, that's my message," said Sen. McSally, who chose not to denounce Trump publicly. She did say, however, that she has spoken to Trump about McCain.

"I wanted to make sure he understood how I felt about Senator McCain, and how Arizona felt about Senator John McCain, and he heard me," said Sen. McSally.

When asked if she felt Trump is giving McCain the respect he deserves, Sen. McSally said there's a lot of disrespect going around, and did not elaborate on their conversation.