MCSO deputies gather to honor their fallen comrades

Hundreds of deputies stand in somber solidarity as they remember the lives of their fallen comrades.

"Deputy Almond Dana, End of Watch April 9th, 1922."

The names of 18 Maricopa County Sheriff's Department deputies, who were killed in the line of duty.

"Lt. Robert Dorn."

Read out loud, while fellow deputies lay a rose down in their honor.

All of it, unexpectedly scheduled one day after the death of Phoenix police Officer David Glasser, a tragedy that Sheriff Joe Arpaio says is part of a bigger, national problem that desperately needs to be recognized.

"I really don't want to say how I feel," he said. "I'm not politically correct sometimes, but I'm very angry at what's been going on. I've been saying nationally, locally that there's a war on cops. Something has to be done about it."

A concept that hits too close to home all too often. Just earlier this month, MCSO Deputy Bryan Wisda was shot in the leg during a DUI traffic stop in Tempe.

"You got off light... I did, sir."

In another part of today's ceremony, Deputy Wisda accepts a $5,000 check from the Sheriff's Memorial Fund for medical bills.

Wisda is thankful to be alive, when he knows many other have different outcomes.

"It's never an easy pill to swallow," he said. "Every day, we leave the house, you say goodnight to the kids and you hope that knock never has to come for my family, and more importantly, for the family of that Phoenix officer this past week. I only had a glimpse of what that family is going through and my prayers go out to the Glasser family.