MCSO: Over 100 animals taken from Tonopah property

Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies have removed more than 100 animals from a home in Tonopah, including turkeys, goats, dogs, and chickens.

Investigators believe the animals were being neglected and they reported finding dirty water and rotten food.

MCSO detectives say they stumbled on the case while investigating another animal cruelty case in the community near Interstate 10 and 339th Avenue. Now investigators are looking for the property owners, one of which they say has a history of animal cruelty.

From above, it looked like a junk yard, on the ground, MCSO detectives say they found much worse. They found close to 100 animals, all suffering from neglect.

"Dogs, cats, geese, goats, there's a baby goat running around with the umbilical cord still stuck on," said Deputy Joaquin Enriquez.

MCSO says a miniature horse also had dangerously overgrown hooves. Deputies loaded all the animals onto trailers.

"Sheriff's detectives tell me some of the animals will not make it through the night because of their conditions," said Enriquez.

The animals' filthy living conditions included water turning green, and no proper animal food.

"Detectives said they were being fed bagels and chocolate cake, obviously not a way to be taking care of animals," he said.

Authorities say they found several roosters on the property that appear to have been used in cock fights. They say the property owner was convicted of cock fighting in 2010.

MCSO released a mug shot of that owner, 40-year-old Jessable Perez. He is one of two owners facing serious animal neglect charges.

"Obviously if we came out here and saw adequate food, shelter, and water we wouldn't be here, but obviously sheriff's deputies found what we saw to be neglect and that's what we're looking at today," said Enriquez.

According to MCSO, all the animals will be transported to the MASH unit and veterinarians will medically evaluate each one.