MCSO raids home in animal hoarding case

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says they got a tip about the cats at Lise Labarre's home near Glendale and the Loop 303 last August. MCSO descended on the home on Thursday.

Inside the home video shows feces on the floor and the house taken over by dozens of cats.

"I can tell you the conditions are deplorable, how anyone can live in those conditions is unknown to me, it is not healthy for the animals and the cats that were inside," said MCSO Officer Chris Hegstrom.

MCSO seized 30 cats and will transport them in a trailer, several dozen are roaming freely in a field near the home.

65-year-old Lise Labarre owns the home and the cats, she declined to speak on-camera and asked FOX 10 to leave. She did follow up on the phone and said she is not an animal hoarder. Her neighbors, however, say that is not true.

"I know that when I was younger she had a lot of dogs, we called her the crazy dog lady, I have never been over there, but I could see it," said Lacy Landress.

"These people, it is evident that they have mental illness, so I am not sure if prison or jail needs to happen, but something needs to be done on the mental basis for this," said Audie McDaniel.

Lisa Labarre is a doctor who practices medicine in the west valley. She has not been arrested or charged at this time.

MCSO will bring the cats to a vet for evaluation.