Men and women from Luke Air Force Base serve the Glendale community

From raking rocks to pulling weeds, the 56th Security Forces Squadron from Luke Air Force Base was hard at work this morning.

"We're used to hard work, that's what we do in the military," Master Sgt. David Hicks said. "This is a cake walk to us."

The men and women cleaned up the New River Glendale bike trail as part of its Thunderbolt Blitz Day.

"It's hard for our city to maintain and keep up with this for the cost and all of the sudden we have a general saying, 'We want to do something in your community,'" Mayor Jerry Weiers said.

Brigadier General Leonard, commander of Luke Air Force Base, says 3,200 men and women are volunteering at 100 different locations.

"This is our opportunity just to show that we not only are in the community, but we want to be part of the community," he said.

Like the new Halle Women's Center in Phoenix operated by UMOM New Day Centers where the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron prepared the center for its opening.

"It is amazing, we could not have this happen and this center open without their help," Melissa Steimer said. "We have bedframes, TV's to mount, shower curtains to hang, we have planting to do, we need to get this all ready for the women when the move here in a couple of weeks."

These men and women serve on the base and our country, but it was important for them to serve the very people who support them and reach out to the community during the Thunderbolt Blitz.