Mesa Fire and Medical uses drones to aid in search and rescue situations

Mesa Fire and Medical Department has been using drones for three years and they've helped to save lives.

"It provides a safe view that doesn't put our folks in harms way," Deputy Shift Commander Brian Kotsur said. "We can get a view from a distance of a hazardous where we can see what's going on without putting our folks in a dangerous situation."

The live feed goes straight back to the command post where they can make a decision based on the view they wouldn't normally be able to attain.

"The screens that you'll see, John's gonna show you here in a second, just the view of that screen from a lot further away," Kotsur said.

The first in the Valley to have technology like this, Mesa firefighters say it makes tasks like finding a lost hiker a whole lot easier.

"With this vantage point in the sky we can locate somebody, search the grid, head right... the types of resources they need to the scene," Kotsur said.