Mesa homicide detective testifies in Philip Brailsford's murder trial

The murder trial for ex-Mesa Police officer Philip Brailsford continued on Wednesday. Brailsford is accused of killing Daniel Shaver, an unarmed hotel guest, while on the job. On Wednesday, a Mesa homicide detective gave some potentially damaging testimony that could hurt the defense.

Detective Paul Sipe was assigned to investigate the deadly shooting. In addition to bodycam video from two officers, each officer that was present during the shooting must write up their reports of what happened, and the details that led to the shooting. Sipe testified Wednesday that he was suspicious of the officers' stories, because all of them left out the same important detail.

"When I reviewed the reports of the five officers at the scene, I noticed I became very suspicious," said Sipes, before Brailsford's lawyer interrupted him.

After a 10-minute sidebar, questioning continued.

"All 5 reports omitted the same information which was vital to the case," said Sipes, when questioned.

Sipes did not specify what was omitted. Testimonies, however, from at least two other officers during the trial suggest the omitted fact is that Shaver was crying and begging for his life.

If convicted of second degree murder, Brailsford faces up to 25 years in prison. Brailsford's name is on the list of defense witnesses, but it remains to be seen if he will take the stand in his own defense.