Mesa man's experience with wrong-way driver caught on camera

Just two days ago, Kelly Knoll was driving home eastbound on the Loop 202, but when he cleared a curve near Country Club, he knew something was terribly wrong.

"Just a regular drive home, and there was a car to my... I saw headlights coming towards me," he said. "Initially, I thought this isn't happening."

The whole thing was caught on camera. Kelly says he recently started driving for a ride-sharing service, so he installed a dash cam.

He says he's willing to share his story to spread awareness, but reliving those few seconds still gives him the chills.

"I think if things didn't happen exactly as they did, there would have been a three-car accident," he said.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, nearly 740 wrong-way drivers have been reported on Arizona freeways this year, and even though the wrong-way driver that faced Kelly hasn't been caught, he hopes this serves as a reminder to stay vigilant.

"I def(initely) will be looking for whatever's out there... probably a life-changing experience for me," he said.