Mesa photographer specializes in taking photos of multiples

A moment in time is all the more precious when you can look back at it with fond memories.

"I feel in love with it because I feel like I can stop time," Lizzy McMillan said.

Photographer Lizzy McMillan captures every smile, every giggle, and every snuggle inside Momento Studios in downtown Mesa, where she specializes in taking photos of multiples.

"Twins, triplets, quads, and quints," she said.

On this day, she's photographing triplets and their twin cousins -- five beautiful babies.

"This is really fun, I didn't do like super formal, like newborn pictures with my two older boys," said Julie Schultz, the mother of twins. "This, I mean having all five of them together, doing this is really cool. I'm so excited to have those pictures for the rest of their lives."

"The ladies here are doing great, they managed to handle not only our triplets, but my brother-in-law's twins as well with ease," said Maxwell Dillard, the father of triplets.

McMillan started her career 14 years ago taking pictures of weddings, and soon, those brides had babies and McMillan discovered a new love and a new talent.

"Motherhood is such an incredible journey," she said. "Being able to document that journey and these little teenie, tiny babies because even a week or two weeks from now, they're going to be different ."

McMillan says having a baby is an important chapter and one she is honored to help families document.