Mesa students experience distracted-driving 'mock crash'

Even though the car wreck at Skyline High School was staged today, it brought back real memories for Maddy Mercer, who was involved in a bad crash the day of prom a few years ago.

"We flipped up onto the sidewalk and my head actually ended up hitting the window and so I was unconscious for a little bit and by that time, I remember waking up and hearing everyone screaming," she said.

Students watched the nightmare situation play out with fire crews, police and even a rescue helicopter.

"We show them what could happen if they do get involved in a distracted-driving accident and the repercussions they could face as far as law enforcement, and emotional trauma damage to other people," said Capt. Ken Hall with the Mesa Fire Department.

The visuals are meant for shock value in hopes of making the teens think twice before reaching for the phone or turning up the music. Rescuers say many times the difference between life and death can be just a few seconds.

"I think some of the students are extremely surprised at, you know, a text message that could take just four-to-five seconds to send on average, and then when they hear that if you're traveling 55 miles per hour, you will cover an entire football field; 100 yards," Capt. Hall said.