Miami Hot Spots: See the locations of famous movie scenes

Super Bowl LIV weekend is officially underway Miami, which gives Southern Floridians an opportunity to show off the beautify of their city, including locations of famous movie scenes. 

It’s been a decade since South Beach hosted the NFL's biggest game.

Miami has been the city to shoot movies and TV shows over the years. Vanessa Borge went around the magic city to remind us of all the famous spots you’ve seen in some of your favorite movies. 

"The Birdcage," starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane was filmed at The Carlyle Hotel. They changed the name but the building on bustling Ocean Drive remains the same, even 26 years after the movie was released. 
Penelope Cruz played Donatella Versace in FX’s “The Assassination of Gianni Versace.”

The designer’s home was converted into a hotel and restaurant, but originally it was 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and 23 thousand square feet of decadence.
You can stay in Versace’s bedroom. However,  it’ll cost you as much as a Versace dress at $3,000 a night.
Tony Montana is a cinematic icon. The infamous and gruesome chainsaw scene in "Scarface" was shot on Miami Beach. 


 But if you want to say "hello to your little friend," you won’t be able to as the building was converted into a CVS.
The gorgeous Mediterranean mansion, Vizcaya, is a field of manicured gardens and Venetian pools in Miami.


And it was at those pools “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” looked for the dolphin, Snowflake.

Also, a drive down the Venetian Causeway should look familiar. But only with the right song. "Bad Boys" starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was filmed there. 


FOX 11's Kelli Johnson contributed to this report.