Migrant surge: Worries over domino effect after Lukeville Port of Entry closure

Amid the ongoing closure of a border crossing along the U.S.-Mexico Border in Arizona, there are worries about a possible domino effect on other ports of entry along the border.

Officials with Customs and Border Protection announced on Dec. 1 their decision to temporarily suspend operations at the Lukeville Port of Entry, in order to "redirect personnel to assist the U.S. Border Patrol with taking migrants into custody."

The closure took effect on Dec. 4, and on the day the closure took effect, reporter Danielle Miller was at the border crossing, where she saw a group of people who appeared to be migrants gathering at the crossing. Reporter Justin Lum visited the border wall in Lukeville Monday afternoon where around a thousand migrants were in line to be processed.

After the migrants were taken away from the area, the area was nearly devoid of people, as travelers avoided the area because of the closure. The border crossing's closure also prompted some businesses on the U.S. side of the border to close.

According to data from the CBP, encounters with migrants at the Tucson sector have gone up 140% in the fiscal year of 2024, when compared to 2023

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Other border ports bracing for impact

Despite being hundreds of miles away, other ports are preparing to see extra people.

While it has been smooth sailing so far for the Mariposa Port of Entry, which is located in Nogales, leaders in the area are expecting that to change, and they are assuring the public that they are well-prepared for the extra expected traffic.

"I think both cities are safe. I think communication will go a long way in supporting as fast as we can, and as safe as we can for both ways," said Nogales Mayor Jorge Maldonado "Don't judge our borders. We have very strong communication with CBP."

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs says she has no plans to send state resources to Lukeville, having said that the federal government needs to secure the border and address the crisis.