Military mystery: Vietnam vet searches for owner of hard drive

It's a military mystery, wrapped inside 400 megabytes of memories: George Williams says a friend found a beat-up external hard drive and traded it to him for a few cigarettes at an RV park in Lynnwood, Washington.

"There were pictures of them in camp, pictures of the war, pictures of some cities around there, and there were also family pictures," he explained.

George, a Vietnam vet, said he couldn't just wipe the drive clean. The soldier in him knew that wasn't the honorable thing to do.

"It's a part of our lives that is kind of hard to explain. The pictures would be important because basically it's your tie with your past."

Judging by the pictures, George believes the rightful owner's name is possibly 'Jeff' and he spent time overseas serving our country.

"Because of the years of the pictures, it looks like he was more in the Desert Storm. It looks like he trained people but also went out with them."

It also appears 'Jeff' and his family may have ties to the Pacific Northwest.

George and his neighbor say they tried to share the pictures on social media, but got no bites.

"There were pictures of him in the office and pictures of him by military vehicles and I think there's a couple pictures of him in uniform too."

George says his mission is to keep the hard drive safe, until 'Jeff' or his family come forward to claim the memories.

"He might have had friends in Iraq who didn't make it and having a memory of them, what they looked like, would be important," George added. "At least to me it would be."

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