Minivan still stuck on Hassayampa River following dramatic rescue

It was a dramatic water rescue that unfolded live on social media and on FOX 10 News last night: an elderly man whose minivan was stuck in rushing floodwaters at the Hassayampa River near Tonopah had to be rescued by fire crews.

By Wednesday evening, the scene where the rescue took place is relatively dry. with puddles of water appearing on the riverbed, instead of the raging floodwaters that set the scene for the rescue Tuesday night. Drivers were seen driving on the riverbed without difficulty.

The car that the elderly person was trapped in remains in the river, stuck in the mud.

People living in the area said incidents similar to what happened Tuesday night happens about three to four times a year, and speculated that the elderly man may not have been able to see the condition of the road, as it was dark at the time. It is still not certain as to why the man drove into the river, but he reportedly called 911 at 8:40 p.m.

People living in the area said a solution is needed to prevent future incidents. One woman said a bridge is needed to cross over the normally dry river.