Miraculous reunion: Lost dog found at Mogollon Rim months after disappearance

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A dog missing for nearly three months has been found alive down the Mogollon Rim.

The 13-year-old rat-terrier mix, named Sushi, was spotted by a couple of hikers the morning of 4th of July. Michael Hernandez, who lives in Phoenix, said his dog was staying with his brother in Strawberry as he is in the middle of a move. Sushi ended up escaping from the home, and was eventually located eight miles away.

Sushi escaped on April 12.

"He called me and was [said], 'Your dog is gone' and we went looking for her. It's the forest, so she just took off the wrong way," said Hernandez. "I started crying. It was emotional."

Hernandez immediately started to search for Sushi. He even put up posters around the area and posted a message on the "Payson's Lost and Found Pets" page on Facebook.

Hernandez held on to hope as each day went by.

"I always looked at the pages, and always looked at the Payson lost pets," said Hernandez. "Everyday I checked it [to] make sure somebody spotted her."

Sushi was found by Ryan Kress and a friend. The two went for a hike down the Mogollon Rim.

"We got down to the bottom of the rim, and we were looking at the sign, and all of a sudden, an animal popped up," said Kress. "We lifted her up [and] she [was] just shaking like crazy. She was scared."

Kress and his friend carried the dog back to the top.

"We actually thought she might die on the way up," said Kress.

Just hours after rescuing sushi, Kress found Hernandez's brother in Strawberry, thanks to the "Payson Lost and Found Pets" Facebook page.

"She survived off of her muscles and fat for three months," said Hernandez. "Right now, you can see the bones on her back. It's sad."

Sushi is now slowing recovering.

"I'd just like to thank Ryan for saving my dog's life, and all the people involved trying to get her to me," said Hernandez.

Sushi is currently recovering at Hernandez's brother's home, and Hernandez plans to head up on Friday to check up on her again. This time, however, Hernandez will meet Kress as well.