Missing performance dog reunited with its owner

A performance dog is reunited with its owner, after going missing in the Valley earlier this month.

Dixie, a five-year-old Papillon performer who travels around the country to perform at retirement homes, churches, and hospitals, helped bring smiles to people's faces. She, however, disappeared earlier in March, while performing in a church in Phoenix.

The family posted flyers throughout the area in hopes of finding her, and a few weeks later, her owner, Kevin Walker, got a call he was anxiously waiting for.

Walker says the man on the phone told him he was near the area where Dixie had gone missing when he saw a woman with a similar dog. Walker called Phoenix Police, and immediately flew to Phoenix to find out if that was, in fact, his dog.

Walker says the people who had her were very cooperative, and quickly handed her over. Walker says he was going to have Dixie perform to prove it was his dog, but before he did that, police knew she was in the right hands.

Meanwhile, Dixie is now on her way back home, where she can continue to ride on ponies, jump through hoops, and climb on ladders.