More couples choose to have micro weddings during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many couples to scratch their big wedding plans and look for other options, including a one trend that's on the rise, known as "micro weddings."

A few months ago, we spoke to Miranda McArthur and her now-husband Ryan about their wedding plans.

"We had some difficult conversations to say 'sorry, I invited you to the wedding but now we're downsizing,'" said Miranda.

Other couples have also sacrificed their big weddings and are moving ahead with something a bit more intimate.

"A microwedding is defined as something that is normally less than 50 people but with guidelines and everything state by state," explained Kim Horn, a master wedding planner with Arizona Bridal Source. She says having this option has saved couples some big bucks.

"Pre-COVID, average weddings were about $32,000 to $33,000 U.S. national average, if you will. That was based on 150 people and now with COVID.. it really depends on what your budget is," said Horn.

And wedding venues are embracing the new trend. The FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel offers the Micro Wedding Special for up to 15 people which includes a small cake, plated dinner, a three hour beer and wine bar, and some decor, all for $3,500.

"Every wedding that I've ever done for 31 years has been all about what the couple wants and this basically kinda micromanages it for microweddings, if you will, and takes it down to being even more personal, more intimate," said Horn.

Horn says she believes micro weddings are here to stay. Many couples are figuring out this is a happy medium between a big, traditional wedding and elopement.

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