Mother Natures packs a punch across Arizona

It started when the wind brought down portions of this scaffolding near a construction site in the Valley and a lot of it ended up in the roadway.

This was the scene last night in the area of 16th Street and Highland where crews spent hours removing debris. A game of baseball was tough to play at Roadrunner Park in north Phoenix.

A FOX 10 viewer shared images of dirt from the diamond making it hard for players to see and parents and kids having to cover their faces to protect themselves.

There's also video from another FOX 10 viewer taken just west of Gila Bend that shows the high winds kicking up plenty of dust, blowing it across all lanes of the highway, lowering visibility and making it hard for drivers to see.

From wind to rain, parts of the Valley were hit hard by falling rain shown in video taken in Phoenix on McDowell Road. There was also more rain overnight and a FOX 10 photojournalist captured video on Interstate 10 showing that the roads were slick and potentially dangerous.

From rain to snow, Arizona's high country was covered in a blanket of white. One FOX 10 viewer from Bellemont says 12 inches of snow fell in their neighborhood!

"We've been monitoring the forecast and we've had our crews positioned in Northern Arizona to start working the plows as soon as snow starts coming down and looking for areas where ice accumulates or snow might drift onto the highway," said Garin Groff of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

ADOT is keeping an eye on the roads and keeping them clear, according to Groff. With 300-plus cameras patrolling the highways, ADOT is helping keep motorists stay safe.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is also patrolling the highways in the Valley and in the high country.