Mother of woman killed in Phoenix double murder makes public plea on eve of victim's birthday

It's been over a decade since two Phoenix roommates were found dead in their home, and on the eve of what would have been one of the victim's 40th birthday, the victim's mother is still searching for answers.

"I’m finally at the stage of acceptance of her death, but what I can’t accept is the way that she died and that no one has been arrested for this murder," said Rachel Glass, the mother of Nicole Glass. "That's the part that tears me up still."

Glass and Melissa Mason were found dead at a home near 42nd Street and Thomas. The victims lived together, and Melissa was pregnant when she was found dead by strangulation.

"It’s devastated our family, it’s devastated Melissa's family, and not just family, but even friends and people who knew Nicole," said Rachel.

In December 2022, Silent Witness increased the reward to $13,000 for anyone who has information about the case. Rachel is hoping that even after such a long time, someone is willing to speak up to bring justice.

"After 12 years people tend to get a little loose lipped so maybe there's, you know, maybe somebody has said something," the mother said. "I know that nothing is going to bring her back so at this point it's about justice.

"I need justice for her, and justice for Melissa and her unborn child - I mean, how horrific," she continued.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Phoenix Police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.