Mother says teachers mocked her daughter who was involved in a school fight

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A parent already dealing with the heartache of their child being involved in a fight at school gets another punch to the gut.

That mom is now claiming school faculty members mocked her child while getting beat up. The incident apparently happened Thursday, right before students were set to go on spring break. Now, the mother says she's taking her daughter out of the school.

Kristina Miranda says it's her daughter in the video getting beaten up, and then being mocked by teachers at Estrella High School, a charter school in Avondale.

"We see on Snapchat that other kids are posting the teachers at the school watching the fight with other students in the classroom, and making fun of her being beaten up," said Miranda.

"I was like are you serious, you're going to take a video of that and laugh at that? That's stupid," said Miranda's daughter. Miranda wanted her daughter's identity and name protected, because they're switching schools.

Miranda says she wanted to see some discipline for everyone involved, but she says school administrators only told them the teachers caught on camera wanted to apologize.

"There's no apologizing to me," said Miranda. "It's apologizing to my daughter, and how are you going to allow them to continue to teach at the school when they're supposed to be there protecting them, not hyping all the other students up?"

"I'm not going to drop this, she has no consequence, so I'm going to press charges on her, because obviously, she hasn't learned her lesson," said the daughter.

FOX 10 has reached out to Estrella High School, and they replied with a short statement, which read:

"The care and concern of our students is our priority. We are currently looking into the incident."