Music conservatory looking for new home as Metrocenter mall set to shut down

Entrance to Metrocenter Mall

Retailers will not be the only ones impacted as Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix is set to close its doors for good.

On June 20, FOX 10 reported that Metrocenter Mall is set to close its doors on June 30, 2020.

The letter, sent to FOX 10 from Metrocenter store Good Night Sleep, explains how the economic downturn caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to close.

"Despite our best efforts to bring value back to the mall, complete maintenance projects and increase foot traffic, the drop in our occupancy levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic can no longer sustain the operation of this large property," wrote Kim Ramirez, the mall's general manager.

The mall, which was built in 1973, used to be a popular hangout for Valley residents, but the mall has since seen a decline in visits over the past few years.

Music conservatory now in search of new home

Officials with the Phoenix Conservatory of Music say they now need to move the school completely. The school's director says they found out, on Friday afternoon, like everyone else.

Finding a place by July 15 won't be easy.

"We're thinking of two things first," said Regina Nixon, the Executive Director of PCM. "First is we have to find a place to store the instruments and classroom equipment, desks and chairs and those types of things. Then, we have to figure out when it's all safe to be together. Where is our next home?"

Nixon says the organization is reaching out to the community for help.

"Maybe an empty building they're not using, a church, school, even storage space that might be available," said Nixon.

The organization is also looking for volunteers to help them move, as well as a moving company that would help them move.

"That would be amazing, and when we do land somewhere, we're going o have needs for costs, and donations are incredibly welcomed during this time," said Nixon.