National Kitten Day: Arizona Animal Welfare League seeks cat foster parents

At the Arizona Animal Welfare League, there's a cute kitten everywhere you look. 

July 10 is National Kitten Day, and it's kitten season - literally.

"When the climate is warmer, that's when kittens come out to mate and when kittens are born," said Kimberly Vermillion with AAWL.

The rescue is expected to take in around 1,300 kittens this year, and right now, they're close to capacity. 

That's one of many reasons they say to not intervene if you see a stray kitten.

"When you find kittens, your first instinct is to intervene and help them, but really…they can stay with their mom and that's their best chance at survival." Vermillion said. "Best case [scenario], mom comes back and if she doesn't, if you see they're in bad condition, or it's been several hours - up to 8 - then you can intervene and try to help them."

The best way to keep capacity low is to adopt, of course, but the shelter has another answer if a lifelong commitment gives you pause: foster.

AAWL says they'll provide everything a person needs to care for a little cat. All you need to do is provide the pets and love.

It's a short-term commitment that will give you a lot of tales to tell.

"The more fosters that we have, the more animals we're allowed to take in, and other animals in need as well," Vermillion said.

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