Naturalization ceremony held at state capitol, Arizona now home to 6 new US citizens

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - It was a great day for some people out at the state capitol. Arizona is now home to six US citizens.

"You can come to America and be whatever you want to be," said Patrick Joseph, retired US Navy Veteran and new US citizen. "That dream is still alive."

Six new citizens swear in on the Arizona house floor. Each of these men and women have either surver or are currently listen in the US Military.

"I migrated to this country in [1971]," Joseph said. "I've served this country."

Each citizen is from a different land. Countries like Samoa, Brazil, Canda, Nepal, and even the Philippines. But they all have one thing in common - the heart to serve the country the love and officially call American home.

"We have three children and for my son to grow up and know that his mom is an American now and we can go to different countries and just be free," said Heloisa King, new US citizen. "And I'm just so proud for our kids to know that their mommy is an American now, too."

These new US citizens are proud to now be an American.