Neighbors concerned over Scottsdale Fashion Square expansion

A group of homeowners in Downtown Scottsdale are waging war against plans by a developer to expand a portion of the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.

The homeowners are concerned about the height of the new buildings, in addition to increased traffic, if that project moves forward.

FOX 10's Courtney Griffin reports.

Scottsdale Fashion Square Statement

In response to the homeowners' concerns, officials with Scottsdale Fashion Square issued the following statement Friday night.

"We have been working with neighbors, businesses, retailers and the Scottsdale City Council for some time to ensure that Scottsdale Fashion Square's expansion moves forward in a manner that's best for everyone. We remain committed to the project, and to the community, and look forward to continuing to work together to execute the best plan for the shopping center's expansion, for downtown, and for the great City of Scottsdale."