New attorney for Arpaio Contempt of Court trial

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio now has a new attorney in his Contempt of Court case, as his lead attorney wanted off the case.

That request was granted by a judge, Thursday afternoon. Members of the media, however, wear cleared from the room when information surrounding Mel McDonald's request to leave the case was discussed.

McDonald had been involved in the case for roughly two years. According to Arpaio'd new attorney, Mark Goldman, a lot of documents will have to be reviewed before the trial begins. Goldman has reportedly filed a "Motion to Stay", which is set for next Wednesday.

According to Goldman, if the motion is granted, it will give the defense team more time to review documents.

According to Goldman, the decision for McDonald to leave the case, at this particular time, is unusual, but it does occasionally happen.

The trial date is set for April 25, and it is expected to last approximately two weeks.