New exhibit celebrates women artists at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art opened a new exhibit, one that highlights powerful works by women artists, and it's happening in conjunction with the national platform, Feminist Art Coalition. 

From modern bronze sculptures to abstract and conceptual art, paintings, collages and photography, "Unapologetic: All Women, All Year" is an exhibit that features women artists. 

"So we decided to do an exhibition in featuring women as part of as a way to participate with a larger trend in museums, so this year, the year of 2020, is the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote and so many institutions are celebrating women artists as a way to acknowledge that history," said Jennifer McCabe with the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Jennifer McCabe, Director and Chief Curator at the SMoCA, says the yearlong exhibit is just as much about the artists and the art as it is about awareness.

"We also decided to it because there's a recent study that came out suggesting that less than 15 percent of the artists in collections in museum collections across the country are women and artists of color, so we wanted to bring awareness to that," said McCabe. 

The selection, according to assistant coordinator Lauren O'Connell, features what she describes as a really smart selection of interesting works by important artists both American and local. Women she says will inspire and provoke new thought. 

"I think too the term feminism has a lot of different histories to it, specifically we are looking at recognizing a new version of feminism because many of the past movements have left out people of color and people with disabilities and so specifically we are looking to be inclusive to make a space where people of all gender  and all sexuality and all race access and ability are able to come in and not only see themselves represented in the museum but feel that they have a space here."

The exhibit runs through January 31, 2021.