New 'smart gym' in the Valley provides shorter, more effective workouts

What if you could cut your workouts to just a few days a week, but still get the same results you get by working out every day?

The Exercise Coach just opened its doors in Scottsdale and promises results to anyone smart enough to listen.

Your workout doesn't have to be time-consuming to work.

"We know that science tells us that it's not how much you exercise, but the quality of the exercise that matters and that's really what we specialize in," said Amanda Coe with The Exercise Coach.

Workouts twice a week for 20 minutes are said to be more effective than daily workouts.

The Exercise Coach located near Shea and Tatum Boulevards is an innovative, high-tech fitness studio or a "smart gym."

"So there's artificial intelligence built into the machines so it knows precisely what you are capable of doing, they have you work at that level so you get full muscle activation, full workout," says Coe.

Barbara Marchbanks, a pilates instructor, says her time here has made her stronger but it's also the personalized attention that she gets that keeps her that way.

Owners and coaches say benefits can include improved fitness, strength, and endurance, more energy, stronger bones, elevated metabolism, accelerated fat loss, and a better mood.

The Exercise Coach offers individual and small group workouts.